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Two years in review ... 2017

December 2017

Annual graduate seminar with students and postdoctoral researchers associated with the Cultural Policy Research Network.

December 2017

Devin Beauregard and Jonathan Paquette - happy to have contributed to this great collected edition.

November 2017

Meeting with our partners and colleagues from the Centre for research on cultural industries from Shenzhen University

An opportunity to engage with different cultures of craft.

October 2017

Robin Nelson and Jonathan Paquette presenting at the 43rd STP&A Conference in Minneapolis.

STP&A crowd!

JUNE 2017

Study tour SCS4000 - The Politics of Culture and Heritage. Jonathan Paquette with students from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ottawa in South Australia.

Mars 2017/ March 2017

Colloque "Musées en mutation" Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. Participation et présentations par Jonathan Paquette et Robin Nelson.

MARCH 2017

Visit of a delegation from Tschwane University. Signature of a Memorandum of understanding between the Centre and Tschwane for knowledge transfer and for cooperation in Heritage education and research.

Dean Sirayi, Tschwane University

January 2017/janvier 2017

Cours PAP 6530 (maîtrise) - Politique de la culture et du patrimoine.

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