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CFP : Cultural Policy Conference April 11-12 2019


The Study of Cultural Policy in Canada

April 11-12 2019, University of Ottawa

Conference organized by the Cultural Policy Research Network, Centre on Governance, University of Ottawa.

Everywhere around the world, the study of cultural policy has become increasingly institutionalized. Over the last twenty years, a number of new journals, research chairs, and programs of study have developed in the field. Most of these new academic spaces are characterized by a high degree of interdisciplinarity. How has the study of cultural policy developed in recent years in Canada and Quebec? Communication studies and political science have typically been the academic disciplines where cultural policy research has been the most active. Is this still the case? What place does cultural policy research occupy in disciplines such as leisure studies, arts management, or in the creative industries? The purpose of this conference organized by the Centre on Governance is to assess the current state of cultural policy research in Canada. This conference aims to offer a platform to help cultural policy researchers discuss their research programs and debate new ideas. This conference is opened to all researchers, including doctoral and masters’ students.

Researchers are invited to submit a proposal on their current research program. We hope to receive communications on national, provincial, and local cultural policies. Communications on international and comparative research are also welcomed. We also expect to receive communications focusing on cultural policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation, as well as communications focusing on the institutional, organizational and managerial aspects of cultural policy. Finally, researchers may also propose to deliver a paper on the state and evolution of cultural policy research in Canada.

Prospective participants may submit a 200 words abstract for a 15-20 minutes presentation by email at jonathan.paquette@uottawa.caby December 20th2018. Contributions may be invited for a publication project after the conference.

Organizing committee

Jonathan Paquette, University of Ottawa

Monica Gattigner, University of Ottawa

Sharon Jeannotte, University of Ottawa

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