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Cultural Policy Research in Canada, April 11-12 2019 - Preliminary program

February 8, 2019




The Study of Cultural Policy in Canada

April 11-12 2019, University of Ottawa


Conference organized by the Cultural Policy Research Network, Centre on Governance, University of Ottawa. https://www.culturalpolicynetwork.org/


LOCATION, University of Ottawa, Faculty of Social Sciences, 120 university, Room TBC










Social Justice and Equity in Cultural Policy


Irwin Oostindie (SFU)

  • Place-based reconciliation and redress in cultural policy

Jeremy Jeresky (Western Ontario)

  • Two Discourses, One Policy: An examination of the Engagement Between Canadian Cultural Policy and Indigenous Theory Within the Locus of the Museum

Lowell Gasoi (Carleton)

  • Canada’s cultural policy after #metoo : Reconsiderations of the disciplined artist

Christopher J. Gunter. (UOttawa)

  • Activism through community curators: the case of the Workers’ History Museum



Critical Issues: Rethinking the Basic Concepts


David Dubinski (U Ottawa)

  • Deliberative sovereignty: Defining the « public value » of the « public square » in the age of fake news and struggling professional news services

Maria castellanos (ENAP)

  • Repenser l’analyse des politiques publiques en dehors du cycle politique. Le cas de la nouvelle politique culturelle du Québec

Taeyoung Kim (SFU)

  • Understanding the instrumentalization of creativity in provincial cultural policies : A case study of Creative BC



Addressing Cultural Policy in Cultural Diplomacy: The Work of the North American Cultural Diplomacy Initiative


Lynda Jessup (Queens U) & Sarah E. K. Smith (Carleton U) 

  • Cultural Relations as Cultural Diplomacy 

Sascha Priewe (Royal Ontario Museum)

  • Culture in City Diplomacy

Jeffrey Brison (Queens U)

  • Cultural Policy and Museum Internationalism in Canada

Ben Schnitzer (Queens U)

  • Whither the Third Pillar? Canadian Cultural Diplomacy at the Turn of the Millenium





Cultural Policy and Migrations


Geneva Nam (SFU)

  • Analyzing Canadian Ethnic Media: Understanding the Canada Third Language Media Public

Abakar Malloum (UOttawa)

  • La communauté portugaise de Gatineau : Patrimoine et mémoires d’une migration

Ivana Otasevic (U Laval)

  • La préservation de l’identité culturelle des migrants par le biais des programmes d’éducation : quel apport de la Convention sur la diversité des expressions culturelles?


Sectoral Perspectives


Christian Poirier (INRS)

  • Politiques cinématographiques et multiécranicité : Émergence, continuité et mutation des récits

Richard Sutherland (Mount Royal University)

  • Rethinking the Music Industry Through Policy : Program Redesign at FACTOR

Eric L. Nelson (UOttawa)

  • Politiques culturelles et édition savante

Robin Nelson (Uottawa)

  • The Ontario Historical Society and Provincial Museum Policy




Comparative Cultural Policy


Kevin V. Mulcahy (Louisiana State University)

  • Public Culture and Comparative Cultural Policy

Devin Beauregard (UOttawa/Tschwane, Pretoria)

  • Cultural policy in Stateless nations

Jonathan Paquette (Uottawa)

Di Wang (UOttawa)

Won Min Seo (UOttawa)

  • Regions in international comparative research




Cultural Diversity and Language


Diane Saint-Pierre (INRS)

Alexandre C. Gagnon (U Texas Rio Grande Valley)

Sharon Jeannotte (UOttawa)

  • La Convention sur la protection et la promotion de la diversité des expressions culturelles (UNESCO 2005) et ses incidences sur les politiques culturelles et linguistiques : Regard sur douze cas nationaux


End of Day 1





Faculty of Social Sciences, 120 university





Presentation & Talk

Tara Mazurk, Mass Culture



Cultural Diversity


Diane Saint-Pierre (INRS)
Véronique Guèvremont (ULaval)

Colette Brin (ULaval)

  • Le rôle de l’État et des médias dans la promotion de la diversité des expressions culturelles à l’ère du numérique : un état des connaissances et des avancées


Cultural Policy in the Digital Era


Sara Bannerman (McMaster)

  • Algorithms and Canadian Cultural Policy

Caroline Klimek (York)

Patrick Dolan (York)

  • A Look at DM@X-tra: Creating a Conversation Between Industry and Academia

Marianne Bourcheix-Laporte (SFU)

  • Implications of Creative Canada for the Artistic Community: A Critical Look at the Canada Council for the Arts’ Digital Strategy Fund

Josiane Poirier (UMontréal)

  • Le rayonnement de la créativité numérique montréalaise


Digital Policy and Cultural Participation


Nathalie Casemajor (INRS)

Guy Bellavance (INRS)

Guillaume Sirois (Université de Montréal)

  • Quelles politiques culturelles pour accompagner la participation numérique?

Clémence Varin (ULaval)

  • New Challenges in Cultural Policymaking, the example of the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions in the Digital Environment






Funding for the Arts


Roy Suddaby (UVic\Liverpool)

Fernanda Y. Tsujiguchi (UVic)

Diego Coraiola (U Alberta)

Peter Sherer (U Calgary)

Mary Rozsa de Coquet (Rozsa Foundation)

  • Three Models of Financing Performing Arts in Canada: Linking Policy to Practice



Policy agents and Local Cultural Policy


Ben Dick (City of Ottawa, OCRG)

Sharon Jeannotte (UOttawa, OCRG)

Kelly Hill (Hill Strategies)

  • Culture Position Study

Julien Doris (UOttawa)

  • Research note on local cultural governance

Mary Elizabeth Luka (U of Toronto)

  • The new main street? : arts-based creative hubs and networks in Canada

Robin Nelson & Christopher Gunter

  • Canadian heritage commemoration: the role of private and public actors









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