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Have You Read the New Issue of the Culture and Local Governance Journal?

The new Volume 8, No.1 (2023) is now published! It is a special edition and celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Culture and Local Governance journal.

By Christopher Gunter; Julie Bérubé

By Mary Elizabeth Luka, Robin Nelson, Shawn Newman, and Robin Sokoloski

By Laurence D. Dubuc

By Emma Bugg, Tarah Wright, and Melanie Zurba

By Hayley Janes, Adrian Berry, Ely Lyonblum, Laura Risk, and Nasim Niknafs

By Johanna K. Taylor

By Mary Elizabeth Luka, and Caroline Klimek

By Kate Keeney, and Constance DeVereaux

You can read the full issue here.


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